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Cruel Summer

Required UC: 3 per episode
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Actors: Chiara Aurelia, Olivia Holt, Andrea Anders

A small Texas town when a beautiful popular teen, Kate, is abducted and, seemingly unrelated, a girl, Jeanette, goes from being a sweet, awkward outlier to the most popular girl in town and, by '95, the most despised person in America.

    Season 1:

  • S 1 : Ep09     A Secret of My Own   EUR    NA
  • S 1 : Ep08     Proof   EUR    NA
  • S 1 : Ep07     Happy Birthday, Kate Wallis   EUR    NA
  • S 1 : Ep06     An Ocean Inside Me   EUR    NA
  • S 1 : Ep05     As The Carny Gods Intended   EUR    NA
  • S 1 : Ep04     You Don't Hunt, You Don't Eat   EUR    NA
  • S 1 : Ep03     Off with a Bang   EUR    NA
  • S 1 : Ep02     A Smashing Good Time Free   EUR    NA
  • S 1 : Ep01     Pilot Free   EUR    NA
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