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Actors: Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Alberto Rosende

After her mother is kidnapped, Clary must venture into the dark world of demon hunting in order to find clues that can help her find her mother.

    Season 2:

  • S 2 : Ep08     Love Is a Devil   EUR    NA
  • S 2 : Ep07     How Are Thou Fallen   EUR    NA
  • S 2 : Ep06     Iron Sisters   EUR    NA
  • S 2 : Ep05     Dust and Shadows   EUR    NA
  • S 2 : Ep04     Day of Wrath   EUR    NA
  • S 2 : Ep03     Parabatai Lost   EUR    NA
  • S 2 : Ep02     A Door Into the Dark Free   EUR    NA
  • S 2 : Ep01     This Guilty Blood Free   EUR    NA
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